52 Week Picture Project - 1/52

Quick Escapes is aiming to complete a 52 week photo project in 2018.  A picture a week...that sounds easy enough.  Well I'll tell you from experience...it's tougher than you think.  

This week's picture comes to you from my living room.  I'll admit that I was pushing the timelines and leaving this one to the last minute.  LIfe's been hectic but I thought that this image captured the New Year well.  

Pictured is Nickle Brook Brewing Companies Kentucky Bastard Imperial Stout.  Unlike most Imperial Stout style beers, this one comes to us at a whopping 11.9% alcohol.  If you read that label you will see the this is none other than Nickle Brook's Bolshevick Bastard aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels (Bolshevick Bastard beer review found HERE). 

This wax sealed small batch beer is not to be missed.  But budget accordingly; at $12.95 a bottle it's a Friday night sipping beer.