The Brent Run

The Brent Run- Darren and I finished 162 kilometers in 39 hours and 23 minutes. It was an amazing trip that I would love to do again over a span of days. I’d also like to beat our previous time and bring more people.

Every year around this time I go through video and pictures of memorable trips and ponder and plan next year’s adventures. Today specifically, The Brent Run came to mind. It’s an historic canoe route/race through Algonquin Park that starts at Canoe Lake and ends at Cedar. Over 140km of paddling and 20km of portages make up its total. It allows those crazy enough to try it a way to see a substantial part of the Park in a short span of time.

To prepare for a Brent Run, one must pack like it’s a day trip but prepare for a nightmare. We left all of our gear at basecamp and only took some food, water filter, map first aid kit, headlamps, and camera gear. That was the physical aspect taken care of, but to mentally prepare is another story. Both of us have endurance experience (Darren had also done the Brent Run in 2011); many long trips and 24 hour mountain bike races under our belts. This was different. To this day, I don’t recall being in any physical pain on the trip. Shoulders, back, legs, all fine; brain – done. We call it Brent Run Delirium. During the experience we wouldn’t trust our own navigational skills and would constantly get confirmation from each other on the correct direction. Faces appeared in the trees, we’d hear voices in the forest, and at one point I’m certain I fell asleep paddling.

If you’re thinking of trying The Brent Run; be ready and know your abilities and limitations. Have your first aid kit well stocked and plan for the worst wind and weather delays. June-July has the most daylight hours but the bugs are bad. If you would like more info, head over to

Good luck!