Craft Beer Mystery Bag

If you’re a simple kind of person who isn’t overly discerning about their beer choice (re: not a beer snob) you can problem stop reading this right now.  However if you do fall into the category of either beer snob or just someone who enjoys sampling quality beer I would encourage you to continue reading.   

Just this past week I noticed something at my local liquor store that caught my eye.  Off to the side of the checkout was a shelf with a dozen brown paper bags.  Each of these bags had a label that simply exclaimed “Into Craft Beer?” Why yes I am thank you.  Below, in smaller font it read:

“Discover a new brew today with a Craft Beer Mystery Bag.  Inside you will find four delicious craft beers, handpicked by our beer loving staff”.  

Other details found on the outside of the bag were the style of the beer, the size, alcohol percentage and finally a price. 

I thought that this was pretty neat, and never one to shy away from a good mystery, I looked over my options and grabbed a mystery bag and made my way to the checkout counter.    

I mentioned to Bradley, the customer service representative, that I thought it was a pretty cool idea and he proudly boasted that the idea to do this was his.  I asked if other LCBOs did the same thing and he said that some do if they find the time to put it together. 

While the overall presentation is lacking I really enjoy this idea.  I hope that my local LCBO will continue with this practice and that they keep the idea fresh.  I also hope to see this spread amongst other stores so that others can enjoy the excitement I did when I tore into that brown paper bag to see what treasures awaited me.     

And for those wanting to know what those treasures were, this was what I had in my Craft Beer Mystery Bag:

  1. Muskoka Brewary Mad Tom IPA (473ml / 6.4%)

  2. Maclean’s Pale Ale (473ml / 5.2%)

  3. Beau’s Farm Table Marzen (600ml / 5.5%)

  4. Nickel Brook Wet Hop Ale (473ml / 5.3%)


**This article launches Quick Escapes into a new area of interest.  Well let's be honest, we've always been interested in beer, but now we are going to write about it.  Look for a new Quick Escapes article every Thursday as we explore all of the great craft and premium beers availble in our Thirsty Thursday section.**