First hike of the Season

6 days from now was when Darren and I completed our hiking trip last year in Killarney Provincial Park. We celebrated the accomplishment with a pint at the pub near my house. I remember it being very busy and us being very uncomfortable. This was our first main contact with people in a week.  The hike itself was amazing. It was my first real hike (the article is here) and although La Cloche Silhouette Trail is difficult in spots and I was a little out of shape, it was an enjoyable and relaxing adventure.


I was fortunate early on to be introduced to the outdoors by an avid canoe tripper and woodsman. My friends and I learned a lot of campcraft through air cadets and I got my theoretical knowledge from  survival and campcraft books (thank you Bill Mason!). Throughout the years I’ve made mistakes, not taken the right gear, and done a lot of trial and error. The biggest thing I’ve learned is that preparation is key. The old adage “prepare for the worst, hope for the best” applies. Access to camping has gotten easier- one can almost google a “how-to” video at a trailhead.


To all the people that have asked me what I take camping and how we plan a trip, here you go. This is the complete process for the trip we’re leaving for today.


Destination: La Cloche Silhouette trail in Killarney Provincial Park.

Dates:    Monday April 25- Saturday April 30

Who:  I’ll be travelling with Darren Placido, whose outdoor comfort level and knowledge is equal to me. We’ve both got our first responder training, can read a map, and know what to do in a wilderness emergency.

Duration and Length: Aggressive.  We were planning for 5 days, 4 nights - One day shorter than last year, 15km days with possible snow covered sections and increased water levels from last year. The idea was to car camp tonight so we could get a full day tomorrow, however its early season and the roads to car camping sites are closed- we’d have to carry everything to the site, and back to the car tomorrow morning, so we’re just going to arrive this afternoon and start the trail today.

Route: We’ll be doing the loop counter-clockwise. Tonight we stay at site 50, then through the Crack to  H47, H34, H22, and H16 to the trailhead.

Concerns etc: Weather report, some nights dipping below zero, many lakes still frozen, but there are open water sources. Possibility of slower travel in some areas due to snow depth. If trail snow covered,  plan B, is partial loop. Family members have both trip plans.

Food: Estimate is 3000 calorie days, for packability we’re doing mostly dehydrated and for convenience it's purchased not homemade. Trail Mix, snack bars, electrolyte tabs and cured meat for snacks.  food plan is here.

Gear: This is our gear list. Our canoe trip list is like this but heavier with hobby stuff- cameras and fishing tackle etc.