About two years ago Darren and I did the Storm The Escarpment Race in Milton Ontario.

The race was a multi-sport based orienteering course and if you ever have the opportunity you need to try one!

This particular one started out with a quick run designed to space out the racers before the canoe portion. Then there was another run (which I’m not built for) before getting our mountain bikes for a grinding uphill ride followed by the downhill ride (which I am built for). Then it was more running, more canoeing, the hill run, then the race to the finish- with one catch- 700 meters of stand up paddle boarding.



Yep, we didn’t believe it either. Neither of us had tried it and had no time to train for it, so on race day we winged it.

The first 100 meters we were both on our knees to paddle and more importantly, get our “sea legs”. It actually happened quite quickly and in the next 600 meters we had the hang if it.

I’ve not been on a paddleboard since, but lately everytime I see flatwater I see at least one Sup’er (is that the term?) and I get the urge to try again. I recall it being a great core workout and it’s a great way to get active. The paddleboard I had for the race was a well used foam rental that had a fair bit of flex, which made for some added challenge to balance. The ones I see now are mostly fibreglass or another composite.

If you’re in the Toronto area there are several operators that offer rentals, tours and lessons. It’s a very popular activity so you should have little problem finding an option near you. Speaking from limited experience, I can definitely say it’s another fun non-couch activity for all ages.

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