Thirsty Thursday! Beau's Brewing - St. Luke's Verse

Welcome to Thirsty Thursday.  Each week, Quick Escapes will bring you a new review of a classic, craft, new or hard to find beer.  In the spirit of full disclosure we should point out that we are NOT professionals when it comes to beer tasting.  This weekly article is as much a learning experience for us as we hope it will be for our readers.  If you have any suggestions or comments please feel free to share; we welcome your feedback and participation.    

Name of Beer:St. Luke’s Verse

Style of Beer: Gruit Ale

Brewery: Beau’s Brewing Co

Can / Bottle / Draught: 600ml Bottle

Price: about $6

% of Alcohol: 5.7%

From The Can: "Autumnal equinox release in the 2016 Gruit Series. Brewed with an aromatic bouquet of organic lavender, rosemary, and thyme, the flavors present themselves in unison as a deliciously drinkable potpourri."

Hops Used: Organic Tradition

Colour: pale gold

Clarity: a little dull

Head: nice white foam stays for the pour

Aroma: Very strong lavender and rosemary

Tasting Notes: Very aromatic start, hints of caramel malts with a dry finish .

Comments: I’ve always been a fan of Beau’s Brewing, Lug-Tread is a goto for me in many bars. Their Tom Green Milk Stout is tasty, and their farm table series is well done. Beau’s isn't afraid to experiment with bold and exciting flavour profiles so when i saw St. Lukes Verse at the LCBO I knew i had to try it.

It is a Gruit with Lavender as the focus, so if that's your thing, its an excellent beer pint after pint. I would definitely open another bottle or share it at a fall gathering. They suggest pairing it with soft cheeses and chicken stew- i feel like it’d also go well with a herby rabbit dish too.

If you’re looking to try some different beers this fall, or doing a tasting party, make sure this one’s on your list.