Thirsty Thursday - Bolshevik Bastard Russian Imperial Stout

Name of Beer: Bolshevik Bastard

Style of Beer: Imperial Stout

Brewery: Nickel Brook Brewing Company

Can / Bottle / Draught: Can - 473ml

Price: $4.50 / can

% of Alcohol: 9.0%

IBUs: 70

From The Can: "Our Nickel Brook 'Bolshevik Bastard' Russian style Imperial Stout is a scientific creation brewed especially for those of you who aren't afraid of big and bold flavours! Made with a blend of Roasted, Chocolate and Crystal malts; this Imperial Stout exhibits many deep flavours of rich, roasty chocolate and dark fruit. to counterbalance the sweetness, the Bolshevik Bastard is aggressively hopped to give rise to this remarkably smooth Russian style Imperial Stout. Na zdorovye!"

Hops Used: German Magnum, Centennial and Nugget

Colour: Black

Clarity: Opaque

Head: Frothy, foamy and thick

Aroma:Strong roasted malty aroma withchocolate tones

Tasting Notes:See Below


I was hesitant to try this beer based on it's price point. $4.50 for a beer is steep, but Nickel Brook Brewing Company has quickly become a favourite of mine so I took a leap of faith and I'm happy that I did.

This beer should come with a warning label; "Not to be consumed by those with heart problems or any other medical conditions. Please consult a physician before consuming Bolshevik Bastard Russian Style Imperial Stout".

Bolshevik Bastard pours thickly from the can. Right away your nose begins to pick up the strong, bold aromas of roasted (possibly burnt) malts and dark chocolate. I will admit that as soon as I cracked the can and caught the scent of this beer, my mouth started to water.

The first sips of this black beer are strong and complex and it has a very heavy feel in your mouth. If you’re not expecting it, this beer can be overwhelming strong. The taste slowly fades and then lingers on your palette and the drinker can pick out some of the individual flavours with the roasted malts being the most dominant. Take your time and savor this beautifully crafted beer. I wouldn’t recommend binge drinking this particular beer, but it does make for a nice treat from time to time.

Imperial stout style beer can be tricky to pull off. There are some many bold flavours that must blend together for the finished product to be welcoming. Nickel Brook Brewing Company has another hit on their hands as they have mastered the challenge of creating a great Imperial Stout beer.