Thirsty Thursday! - Northwinds Hacky Sack

Name of Beer: Hacky Sack

Style of Beer: Kettle Sour

Brewery: Northwinds Brewery

Brewery Location: Collingwood, Ontario

Can / Bottle / Draught: Bottle – 650ml

Price: Approx $7.00

% Of Alcohol: 4.3%

From The Can: None

Hops Used: Undisclosed

Color: Golden Straw

Clarity: Cloudy and dull

Head: Moderate but lively

Aroma: Tart with a slighly skunky vibe 

Comments: What a glorious time that we live in.  If you are a beer drinking and you like to explore designer beers, we have never been treated to a more robust selections of beer.  I am fortunate enough to drive past the Northwinds Brewhouse in Collingwood Ontario twice a day (  The Northwinds Brewhouse was established in early 2014 and opened their doors in August of that year.  Since then they have made a name for themselves in the local community for their amazing food and their artisan beer that celebrates the flavour of the Collingwood area.  With nearly 50 unique beers brewed, I promise you that this will not be the last time we profile a Northwinds beverage. 

Now on with the matter at hand and our selection for this week; Hacky Sack Kettle Sour Beer from Northwinds.  Pucker up as you take your taste buds back to your childhood when you spent afternoons with friends, buying penny candies and stuffing your mouth with Tear Jerker gumballs and Sour Patch Kids.  Hacky Sack offers up a unique tasting experience as your taste buds are assaulted with the sharp flavours of raspberry and blackberry.  This is most certainly a sipping beer that is meant to be enjoyed over time.  With the smallest bottle size being 650ml, some people may struggle to get through this experience.  I would recommend splitting a bottle between friends unless you have sampled this particular brew before. 

Upon your first sip, you will notice how dry this beer is.  After a moment the tastes even out and you can pick up the berry flavours a little more clearly and there is a nice sweet finish. 

In a craft beer market where it sometimes feels that brewers are simply packing as much hop flavouring into IPAs as possible, this Kettle Sour is a nice, refreshing change.