Thirsty Thursday - Ontario Pale Ale

Welcome to Thirsty Thursday.  Each week, Quick Escapes will bring you a new review of a classic, craft, new or hard to find beer.  In the spirit of full disclosure we should point out that we are NOT professionals when it comes to beer tasting.  This weekly article is as much a learning experience for us as we hope it will be for our readers.  If you have any suggestions or comments please feel free to share; we welcome your feedback and participation.    

Name of Beer: Ontario Pale Ale

Style of Beer: Wet Hopped Pale Ale

Brewery: Nickel Brook Brewing Company

Can / Bottle / Draught: Can - 473ml

Price: $3.45 / can

% of Alcohol: 5.3%

From The Can: "We're celebrating the very best of local harvest season with our 'Ontario Pale Ale' made with 100% Ontario grown ingredients.   Our wet hopped pale ale gets its lovely citrus and floral character from entirely fresh picked, locally grown Cascade, Chinook and Centennial hops from our friends at Big Head Hops.  The malt is also entirely locally grown, using the Ontario Select variety of malt from Canada Malting." 

Hops Used: Cascade, Chinook and Centennial hops

Colour: Gold

Clarity: Dull

Head: Good and persistent

Aroma: A strong scent of citrus with some floral undertones

Tasting Notes: Very flavourful beer with a mild citrus and floral taste. 

Comments: I was first introduced to Nickel Brook's Ontario Pale Ale when I received a can in a Craft Beer Mystery Bag that I purchased from my local LCBO (  Not knowing what to expect, I was pleasantly surprised and thought that it would make a great inaugural article for our Thirsty Thursday section. 

With a number of new craft beer and pale ale options on the market, this beer finds a nice balance between easy drinking and flavour.  So often pale ales can simply be hoppy and overpowering.  Don't get me wrong I enjoy a strong and heavily hopped beer, but this pale ale is a refreshing option. 

Brewed with Big Head Hops out of Meaford, Ontario this seasonal harvest pale ale measures in at 40IBU.  I think that the closest comparison that I can come up with would be a slightly more bitter and toned down citrus finish to a Muskoka Brewery Detour; a beer that I love.

It's unfortunate that the this delicious beer wasn't targeted more towards the summer because it does offer a refreshing beverage that would be great on a hot summer day!

Highly Recommended