Thirsty Thursday- What????a Flanders Red Ale?!?!?

Brewed by:  Brouwerij Rodenbach N.V. 

Country of origin: Belgium

Style: Flanders Red Ale 

Alcohol by volume (ABV): 6.00%

Can / Bottle / Draught : Bottle – Draught (tested)

Price: Depending on location, average Toronto market $6.50 per pint

Color: Dark red

Head: Khaki

Aroma: Dark cherries, mulled fruit contrasted against a bright finish

Notes: My research says this particular beer is available in 750ml bottles in some parts of the world, however as of December 2016 it is only available in Ontario in kegs or through local quality taps in draught.


Two days before Christmas I visited my local pub, they were unfortunately out of St. Ambroise Oatmeal Stout so on recommendation from the server she poured me an excellent pint of this Ale.

The beer poured dark with a thin khaki coloured head leaving a thin layer of small bubbles on the surface without leaving any dry rings around the side of the glass. The foam receded nicely back into the liquid as is was drank.

The colour of the ale was a dark cranberry red and gave off an aroma of dark cherries, mulled fruit and vanilla (though very subtle).

On first sip the taste was a dark cherry and slightly sour with mulled cranberries, the finish was balanced with hints of vanilla and refreshingly bright notes of oak; none of these linger but visit just long enough to be noticed before melting away. There are no lingering negative taste profiles and I would characterize the whole experience as very balanced, surprisingly refreshing and very cheerful.

I would highly recommend this beer, unfortunately it is not available in a bottle here in Ontario. It made my night and was a nice break from the lingering heavy dark brews I usually lean towards; in fact, this may just become my favorite until my local runs out of this keg.