Thursty Thursday! - Deep Tracks American Brown Ale

Name: Deep Tracks

Style: American Brown Ale

Brewery: The Flying Monkey Craft Brewery

Brewery Location: Barrie, Ontario, Canada, Earth, Milky Way, The Universe, Infinity (as per the can)

Can / Bottle / Draught: Can – 473ml

Price: $3.25

ABV: 6.2%

From The Can: Deep Tracks American Brown Ale is a folksy craft brew embodying the sultry warm soil of freshly harvested fields and the cool humid nights of the coming autumn.

Evoking juke joints with hot sonorous blues and cool rich brews, Deep Tracks pours an alluvial brown with toasty malts and caramel nuttiness tracking through the clean floral dryness of a subtle centennial hop finish.

Hops: Centennial

Color: Dark Brown / Amber

Clarity: Brilliant

Head: Good and Persistent

Aroma: Malty tones supplemented with classic Centennial hops aromas of floral and citrus.

Comments: Over the past several years I have heard a lot about the 100km diet. The idea is to eat, or try to eat, foods that are grown within a 100km radius. The goal was to support local farmers and smaller establishments all while eating healthier.

I never really adopted a 100km diet, but the idea did start me thinking; why not try this same idea with local beer? Afterall, local brewery's need support too. I started my trip down this yellow brick road with The Flying Monkey Craft Brewery ( in Barrie, Ontario; a short 18km from my house.

One only need to take a quick look at Flying Monkey products and you can tell that this brewery has a very specific brand. If I were forced to sum up their brand in a single word I would have to say ‘psychedelic’ and with a slogan that simply states “Normal is Weird”, you can easily tell that there is as much flavour in the business as there is in their beer.

I have never ventured too far into the world of Brown Ale’s before. In the store this beer caught my attention for 2 reasons. First that this was a Flying Monkey product and second the eye catching artwork on the can. To say that I was pleasantly surprised with this beer is an understatement.

This brew blends malty tones of caramel that flirt with a porter style beer and hop flavouring reminiscent of IPAs. Upon the first sips you are greeted with the more malty flavour which slowly yield to the clean citrus finish that lingers. Deep Tracks drinks well on it’s own or pairs well with both red/white meats and fish.

I can highly recommend Deep Tracks. It blends some of my favourite qualities of beer and I will actively seek out other American Brown Ales to sample. Flying Monkey, you just might have created a monster!