That Time I Ran 21km

On April 5th, 2013 my grandfather passed away.  William "Poppa" De Laat was in his 95th year.  For the last decade of his life his eye sight had failed to the point that he was essentially blind.   As his health failed further he spent the last 2 weeks of his life in the Collingwood... Continue Reading →

Ice Fishing – It’s Canadian

Winter in Canada can be a challenge to get through. Extremely cold temperatures, short days and snowstorm after snowstorm (which leads to shoveling) can take their toll and it can seem like winter will never end. While most Canadians pride ourselves on being hearty, winter going folk, deep down inside, many of us long for... Continue Reading →

All Hail Caesar!

All Hail Caesar! All Hail Caesar – The Quick Escape Caesar It has become a tradition within our circle that our adventures and quick escapes start off with a delicious Caesar beverage.    The Caesar is generally regarded as a Canadian drink.  Invented in the late 60’s in Calgary, Alberta by restaurant owner Walter Chell... Continue Reading →

My Tacoma Truck bed modification

I had some requirements in mind for my custom truck bed: It had to continue to be useful as a truck bed. No drilling into the truck. I wanted a slider so no crawling into my truck, and I wanted to be able to sleep in it.

Gibson-McDonald Canoe Route

**Article Originally Posted March 2016**    *Authors Note: The frequent reference to beer and the consumption of alcohol in this article is intended only to add levity and humour.  Please do not follow the directions about beer consumption and always drink responsibly.  If you are offended by drinking, please don’t read this article. Steve! I thought... Continue Reading →

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