Opening Day Etiquette

This Saturday anglers from around the province of Ontario will flock to local lakes and tributaries with the hopes of landing some trophy fish. Yes, what most people refer to as ‘opening weekend’ for fishing season begins at the stroke of midnight on Saturday April 24th. I have personally never really participated in opening weekends... Continue Reading →

Adventure Racing – A Beginner’s Guide

Friend: “Any big plans for the weekend?” Darren: “I have an adventure race in <insert name of small Ontario town>” Friend: “Adventure race?  What’s that?” Darren: “My partner and I will canoe, trail run and mountain bike through wilderness terrain while finding our way to checkpoints using a map and compass” Friend: “Ah, OK. Well... Continue Reading →

Tips For A Great “Map and Flap”

As spring quickly approaches many of us will start to set our sights on spring and summer trips. Planning these trips can take a significant amount of preparation and coordination amongst a number of different people; this is where the map and flap comes in. That being said, some of you may be wondering what... Continue Reading →

Maple Syrup Season

**Authored by Mr. Rob DelDuca** It’s a crisp March morning; the sun is just rising as the frost slowly melts away. That warm sun we have been waiting for is not just an early sign of spring, but more importantly, the start of the maple syrup season. Preparation starts long before the warm spring sun... Continue Reading →

That Time I Ran 21km

On April 5th, 2013 my grandfather passed away.  William "Poppa" De Laat was in his 95th year.  For the last decade of his life his eye sight had failed to the point that he was essentially blind.   As his health failed further he spent the last 2 weeks of his life in the Collingwood... Continue Reading →

Ice Fishing – It’s Canadian

Winter in Canada can be a challenge to get through. Extremely cold temperatures, short days and snowstorm after snowstorm (which leads to shoveling) can take their toll and it can seem like winter will never end. While most Canadians pride ourselves on being hearty, winter going folk, deep down inside, many of us long for... Continue Reading →

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