All Hail Caesar!

All Hail Caesar!

All Hail Caesar – The Quick Escape Caesar

It has become a tradition within our circle that our adventures and quick escapes start off with a delicious Caesar beverage.   

The Caesar is generally regarded as a Canadian drink.  Invented in the late 60’s in Calgary, Alberta by restaurant owner Walter Chell as the signature drink for his Italian Restaurant, it quickly became a hit.  Throughout the 1970s the Caesar’s popularity spread across Canada and to this day it remains a Canadian favourite. 

The Caesar has since seen hundreds of variations and has been embraced by Canadians from coast to coast.  Outside of Canada the popularity of the drink is generally limited to areas with high populations of Canadians.     

Over the years we have experimented with various recipes, but we generally ran into the same problems; ingredients were too numerous and weren’t readily available, too much variation from drink to drink, or too much prep time.  As a result we sought out ways to combat these issues and perfect the Caesar.      

After many years of practice we are pleased to give you, The Quick Escape Caesar!

– 60ml Vodka (2oz or 2 shots)
– 430ml of Motts Clamato “The Works” (14oz)
– Several Dash of Louisiana Hot Sauce (to your liking)
– Celery Salt
– Garnish of Choice (We prefer Extreme Beans)

To Prepare:
– In a 500ml glass (or other container) mix the vodka, Clamato, hot sauce and celery salt. 
– Stir or shake vigorously.
– Add Garnish.
– Enjoy

Unlike a traditional Caesar that is meticulously crafted from scratch, the Quick Escapes Caesar can be tossed together and enjoyed in less than a minute and only requires a handful of ingredients.  The use of “The Works” Clamato provides a robust hot pepper and horseradish flavor without needing to have a dozen ingredients on hand.  Adding the Celery Salt directly into the drink is quick and allows the flavour to diffuse throughout the entire drink.  It can be easily transported and holds up over time without losing the essence of a Caesar. 

Now that the secret is out, grab a glass and enjoy a delicious Quick Escape Caesar the next time you kick off an adventure.

Enjoy responsibly

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